lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

1 on the outside - 5 on the inside

This Saturday we had the bright idea to wash our car. We take the car to a car wash pretty often, but after the last wash, a couple of incidents happened in the car, and also, in previous car washings, they didn't remove some stains and traces of food.

In our car we found Cheerios, mints, milk stains, candy, candy packaging, dirt, dry leaves, bits of cookies, hair hooks, lip gloss, bits of cotton, a small black plastic piece that we still don't know where it belongs, Nintendo DS games, papers, envelopes, pieces of toys... In some places, it seemed like a trash can threw up in our car. It was a disaster.

It took 5 hours to make a detailed and deep cleaning of the inside of our car. We brushed the carpets, hand picked large debris and then vacuumed the carpets and seats, we disinfected all solid parts with wipes, on the seats and fabric parts we applied a special product to remove stains and protect the fabric, we wiped the solid parts with shine and protective wipes and finally wash Camila's seat... it took for 5 hours... 5 HOURS!

"But on the outside it didn't look so bad"... Of course, going through an automatic car wash takes only 5 minutes and it isn't painful... only to Camila, who cries uncontrollably during the 45 seconds of going through the automatic wash. On the outside always looked really nice... But inside... It was a disaster... And the cause is that the busier Yokasta and I got, the less attention we put on the inside of the car.

Washing our car on the outside, took 1 hour for we brushed the wheels and also use the wrong product and had to re-wash... It could've been less time... Only 1 hour outside, when it took 5 hours on the inside.

My reflexion for today: Take care of the "inside" of your life. The occupations are going to make you neglect and invest little time in caring, maintenance and cleaning the "inside". It'll seem enough to have a quick wash and take care of the "outside"... because ultimately, what people sees is the "outside" and without realizing it, we condemn ourselves to a miserable, dirty, full of garbage and rotten things of the past, and filled with guilt because you refrain from inviting people to join your life. We'll embarrassed to open the doors... because they'll see what's "inside"... The problem is that what's "inside" always reaches the point of overflowing... doesn't matter if is good or bad... and in the end, everyone will notice it... On Saturday I was ashamed to see EVERYTHING that was in the car and shouldn't be there... The neighbors also notice it... So it didn't matter how much I hide it... It all came out and everybody saw it.

On Saturday I learned that we're not to look only on the "outside". For every 1 hour you care your "outside", take 5 hours to care your "inside". This will need to be done with some regularity, until you learn to spend time daily in caring of your "inside"... in the meantime: 1 on the "outside" and 5 on the "inside".


God bless you and fills you with His presence during this week... and God bless all Car Washes... They worth every penny...

Pastor D
David Pimentel


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