viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

SIlent You Look Prettier

Years ago... many years ago... When I was in elementary school, there was a guy that made my parents the favor to take me to school which was the exorbitant distance of a block away. He was dark, tall and thin and had what was known in the Dominican Republic as a "Shaggy", it was a haircut similar to Michael Jackson's on the Thriller song times... I guess you can imagine where this story is going.

This guy lied on me for months saying that he was Michael Jackson, however, to his lie I added that he was not only the famous singer, but that he also was my bodyguard. The first lie wasn't mine, so it wasn't my fault, but the second was out of my head.

I had made sure that everyone knew that my body guard was the famous King of Pop, Michael Jackson... and on his side, the guy who took me to school, behaved like Michael Jackson in my presence... including the little scream.

One day, a boy asked me: "Why do Michael Jackson never comes in?"... Question to which I had no answer, just a silly promise: "I will tell him to come in one day." The whole school was alert. Michael Jackson, David's bodyguard, would come in school... one day.

A gray and unfortunate morning, "Michael Jackson" came in to school with me. The laughter was so strong that the teachers and the school principal stopped what they were doing to see what was happening. "David is a liar... Hahahaha... His bodyguard is not Michael Jackson"... to what the guy loudly said: "I'm not his bodyguard"... That was the first time I wanted to be a magician... I wanted to make us both disappear...

Suddenly, I had no bodyguard and my Michael Jackson was false... until the guy was dumber than me: "Yes I'm Michael Jackson, but not his bodyguard"... At last... Someone had claimed the prize of the biggest mouth... At that moment, I became part of the young and insane crowd asking and shouting: "Speak english..." To that one, the guy came about  kind of easy because none of us had any idea of ​​how to speak English, until an evil spirit seemed to possess a child (joking) and unfortunately for the guy, had a brilliant idea: "OK... Dance to see if you are Michael Jackson"... After couple of screams, jumps and poorly made dance steps, the guy had to run to avoid being lynched by the kids.

They forgave me fast, but the guy could not even be seen... Then I learned to go to school alone.

When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, but he who restrains his lips is wise.

For months, I became a prisoner of my lie... I released my tongue and got tied in it... and in the end, I paid catastrophic consequences for a young child.

How many times has the same happened to you? Not necessarily with a lie. Sometimes, it's the art of not being able to save details that, are really not anyone business... and in the trembling of your tongue, give information beyond what you want... and sometimes, beyond what you can.

A popular adage says, "You own what you keep silent but become slave of what you say." Want to reduce some sins from your count? Then SILENT YOU LOOK PRETTIER... if not, learn to dance like Michael Jackson because sooner or later your tongue ends up shocking you.


God bless you,


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